Luxury Travel in Summer 2020 in the Midst of Covid-19

Europe opens up after lockdown
Europe opens up after lockdown
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Luxury travel has taken on a whole new meaning in the wake of Covid-19. So what can we expect to enjoy in summer 2020? And where can we travel to? Baroque Travel takes a look…

Yes, we’re limited to places to go this summer, but that doesn’t mean we can’t go anywhere. Part of the world is opening up after lockdown for Covid-19. We just need to know where to go and what’s on offer. Privacy is uppermost in everybody’s mind as we pack our bags to travel again.

Private air travel is the way to go, or you can sail in your own superyacht, or take a roadtrip in a luxury SUV. Whatever your mode of choice, once you get there, you’ll still have the vacation of a lifetime, albeit a bit more secluded. Which is why privacy has become the luxury of the moment… that and elite, exclusive destinations, remote luxury spots where you’re pampered to the utmost, enjoy superlative service and the place to yourself, whilst remaining safe and healthy.

Borders are starting to reopen in some European countries, such as Croatia, Italy, Spain and Greece. EU countries are being permitted to open their borders once their coronavirus contamination is under control. Some countries are already relaxing common borders, allowing tourists to travel freely between certain neighboring states – but strict safety and health measures will remain in place.

So where can you go in Europe this summer? Remember – although borders may open, hotels will still be required to impose strict measures, such as leaving leisure areas and restaurants closed, with only take-out food permitted. First to open its doors is Croatia, who plans to completely reopen its borders and hotels by the end of June 2020. As a result, it’s being named “The hottest Corona-free travel destination”.

Other countries hoping to open their borders to visitors include Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Malta and Turkey. Spain, especially Ibiza, a world top travel destination, is opening its borders to foreign tourists in July. Emerging from one of the toughest lockdowns in Europe, the country is ready to welcome visitors with open arms. The government will institute a certification scheme to ensure that hotels, restaurants, tour operators etc are Covid-19 compliant, and can show a Covid-19 safety certificate. Full details will be announced in June.

Right next door, Portugal is requesting that visitors “don’t travel now – postpone”. Other countries, like the UK, are still instituting quarantine of 14 days for those who enter until July. And far away in the middle of the sea there’s the Maldives, which also hopes to open to visitors from July, depending on whether the country has managed to contain its Covid-19 outbreaks. Airlines from the UAE and Qatar are scheduled to start operating to the Maldives in June.

So where can you book your luxury holiday to for summer 2020?

CEO and President of Belmond hotels, Roeland Vos, recently announced that the brand will reopen its Italian properties in June 2020. “The challenge of today’s global pandemic will not stop us from re-imagining the future of luxury travel,” he said. “As we look ahead now to the first phase of re-openings, I know that our guests will once again experience moments of magic, among those who matter most,” he remarked.

The magnificent Belmond Hotel Splendido in Portofino and the iconic Belmond Hotel Cipriani in Venice will both open for business again on 19 June. The Belmond Hotel Caruso in Ravello and Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo in Taormina, Sicily reopen on July 1. The famous Venice Simplon-Orient Express will start travelling through Europe again on July 8.



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