The New Wave of Watersports: Meet the Electric Jetboard

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The Radinn electric jetboard is the brainchild of Swedish entrepreneur, Alexander Lind, taking water sports to a whole new level. A jetboard is an electric board equipped with a jet and controlled via a wireless bluetooth remote. In a recent article, Lind notes failure is part of the deal when innovating, especially when leading radical innovation. The philosophy of radical innovation is the heart of the company and where the name Radinn is derived from. He states people tell you over and over that failing is part of the journey. He acknowledges that harsh truth is real and advises that it’s vision and dreams that keep a group of inventors going. He also counsels to ‘trust your team’ noting it takes a lot of courage to allow talented team members with key insights to take the lead on a beloved project. 

Silently Soar the Waves with Enviable Speed 

Radinn’s IDA design gold-award winning GTX Jetboard appeals to those that want spontaneity and speed that can’t be experienced with a wakeboard–providing more freedom and agility than a jet ski. It’s the most advanced jetboard ever made with a pleasingly sleek design. The surprisingly silent, battery-operated jetboard doesn’t have to rely on optimal weather conditions and isn’t limited to catching the perfect wave for an adventurous afternoon soaring through lakes, oceans, and rivers. 

Feeling a little more mellow? Enjoy a leisurely cruise taking in all the sights, or when the spirit moves, you take a riveting ride bringing the board up to its maximum speed of 35 miles per hour. The fully-charged battery lasts for 45-minutes. When the battery is running low, the remote will vibrate, so the rider never needs to worry about being stranded without power. The battery-fueled jetboard is kind to the environment, creating an even more in-depth experience of being one with nature. Respecting all of her glory.

Great for Anyone in Every Climate 

The Radinn team recently tested the jetboard in the fjords of Norway, proving that it doesn’t matter if it’s 95 or 10 degrees Fahrenheit. The jetboard is a great cold-weather sport too, adding to its versatility. Radinn states their boards are pretty easy to ride, with the average user mastering the board within 30 minutes. Another bonus of the battery-operated board is there are no messy oil changes to worry about. It’s plug and play, anytime, anywhere, for just about anyone who wants to explore the latest water toy. 

Safety Rules 

It’s essential to mount the board correctly and use the bluetooth control that regulates its speed. The ankle strap attached to the board with a magnet is an important safety feature. If it disconnects from the jetboard, the motor will halt, much like the safety cord used to stop the motor on a treadmill. Wearing a lifejacket is always smart regardless of how experienced or strong a swimmer the rider is. Most agree, after a quick tour, it’s a fun ride and a great addition to the future of water sports. 

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