A jewel in the form of a bicycle

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If you’re an avid cyclist, you already know about the legendary Italian range of hand-crafted carbon bicycles created by Mario Cipollini. Now take a look at what’s just been released, in time for Christmas, the $71,344 luxury edition RB1000


Displayed in all it’s splendor at the Roleur Classic Exhibition in London recently, Cipollini’s RB1000 Luxury Edition offers everything the brand is already famous for, including the trademark MCipollini featherweight resilience, its incredible strength and exquisite design. But there’s more. The saddle-to-bar drop has been designed so that the rider’s head faces down, much like the cyclists look during the famous Tour-de-France when they’re in full racing mode. Like a cheetah, this magnificent beast of a bike has been designed to race at breakneck speed.

All of ex-cyclist Mario Cipollini’s creations are quite extraordinary. The international racing star, who retired in 2008, has made a name for himself yet again, this time with his unsurpassed collection of carbon racing bikes.


Of course, this particular model is a far cry from the regular Cipollini RB1000 bikes which are made to race. This one is a tad heavier, for starters, and also at least $60,000 more expensive than its predecessors. But there’s a good reason for all the extra cost involved in creating this one-of-a-kind mode of transportation. We’re talking about 40 grams of pure gold, 12 grams of platinum that has been used to create the magnificent MC logo on the frame’s front, not to mention the approximately 260 diamonds that are set into the logo. (There are 17  carats worth, actually.) Not to mention platinum decals used to adorn the frame.

Breathtaking? Yes. Mindboggling? Yes. But if you can afford it, what’s stopping you?

Of course, the craftsmanship is quite spectacular, and that is also part of the price tag. But the question remains, why produce a jewel of a bike? The answer from the company: to explore new markets. Someone, somewhere is going to covet the idea of a fully customizable Luxury Edition RB1000 Cipollini bike. Or perhaps two – for a couple.

We can think of no better exclusive gift for a loved one, or for yourself. And with Christmas almost upon us, this could be the most luxurious gift imaginable.


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