The final countdown to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi
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The largest and most glamorous sporting event in the Middle East takes place from 24 to 28 November 2016. Baroque Travel finds out everything you need to know about the Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix


Held every November at Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island Marina Circuit, the Grand Prix is a highlight of the motoring calendar. Spectators flock to the Middle East every year to enjoy this exciting Formula One Race, and with good reason. Aside from it being the largest and most glamorous sporting event held in the Middle East, its location is quite spectacular. Yas Island, located on the eastern side of the city of Abu Dhabi is not only home to a 3.45 mile circuit, which is the ideal location for a FIA Formula One World Championship, it also boasts a selection of five-star luxury hotels as well as the famous Ferrari Theme Park.


The Yas Marina Circuit is quite unique and extremely impressive. It runs alongside Yas Island’s beautiful marina and passes right underneath the plush Yas Viceroy Hotel and alongside a new 60-meter sun tower. The exit of the pit lane even crosses right under the circuit.


Of course, Abu Dhabi has plenty to offer aside from the fun of the Grand Prix circuit. The largest and wealthiest of the seven United Arab Emirates, it has managed to maintain its local traditions and charms, making it a fascinating place to explore. It’s also the richest city in the world, home to 420,000 permanent citizens.

Abu Dhabi’s International Airport is located right next to Yas Island, so getting around is easy, both to the city, 30 minutes drive away, and to the island itself.


When you’re not enjoying the thrills of the Formula One Grand Prix, make sure to explore the Yas Marina Circuit itself. You’ll find drag racing and an off-road driving center, and you can test your skills at the modern kart center.

There’s plenty to see at Yas Marina Circuit, aside from watching Formula One cars. There’s drag racing and an off-road driving centre, and you can test your own skills at a state-of-the-art kart centre. Also on Yas Island, the Ferrari Theme Park covers 250,000 square meters and features a G-Force Tower, driving schools (kids can learn as well as adults) and plenty of cars on display.


Discover the magic in cosmopolitan Abu Dhabi, while you’re in town, and make sure to visit the Louvre, which opened in 2012; it’s the first Louvre Museum outside of France.




Thursday 24 Nov

12 to 4.15pm: 3 Day Ticket Holders Only Pit Lane Walk


Friday 25 Nov

10 to 10.45am: GP3 Series practice session

11.15am to 12pm: GP2 Series practice session

1 to 2.30pm: Formula One practice session

3.10 to 3.40pm: GP3 Series qualifying session

3.45 to 4.45pm: Formula One Paddock Club Pit Lane Walk

5 to 6.30pm: Formula One practice 2

7.10 to 7.40pm: GP2 Series qualifying session

8 to 8.30pm: Marshall pit lane walk


Saturday 26 Nov

11am to 12.05pm: Formula One Paddock Club Pit Lane Walk

11.30am to 12pm: Formula One Team Pit Stop Practice

12.25 to 1.10pm: GP 3 Series 1st Race (40 Laps or 35 Min)

2 to 3pm: Formula One Practice 3

3.05 to 4.20pm: Formula One Paddock Club Pit Lane Walk

5 to 6pm: Formula One qualifying race

6.40 to 7.45pm: GP2 Series First Race (31 Laps or 60 Min)


Sunday 27 Nov

1 to 1.35pm: GP3 Series Second Race (14 Laps or 30 Min)

2.20 to 3.10pm: GP2 Series Second Race (22 Laps or 45 Min)

3.15 to 4.15pm: Formula One Paddock Club Pit Lane Walk

3.20pm: Formula One Fastest Lap Of The Year Award – Starting Grid

3.25pm: Formula One End Of Year F1 Drivers Photograph – Starting Grid

3.30pm: Formula One Driver’s Track Parade

3.45 to 4.15pm: Formula One Starting Grid Presentation

4.46pm: Formula One – National Anthem

4.47pm: Flight Display Etihad Fly Past TBC

5pm: Formula One Race

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