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Bentley Motors
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Just a week after Bentley launched their latest sports model, the magnificent Continental Supersports, watch brand Breitling has paid tribute to the fastest Continental ever built with a striking new timepiece. Baroque Access gets all the details about the latest Bentley/Breitling collaboration


Breitling’s striking new commemorative chronograph watch, which is in a limited edition of only 500 to celebrate the launch of Bentley’s latest Continental model. In keeping with the luxuriousness of both brands, this exquisite B55 timepiece features several bespoke design elements inspired by the unique exterior and interior features of the new Supersports automobile.

These include a titanium case that mirrors the Bentley Supersport’s titanium exhaust option plus a lightweight carbon fiber case that frames the dial; this is a nod to the carbon fiber that is featured strongly in many details of Bentley’s latest model. The watch also features a double-layer black rubber strap that is edged and lined with red.


The Bentley Supersports B55 is the first chronograph created by the two brands that features an electronic movement. This is also one of the most eye-catching elements of bespoke edition. For this model, Breitling’s design team created a new version of the brand’s in-house B55 connected caliber that features a selection of functions that are tailor-made for those performance-driven individuals. These include a lap timer and electronic tachymeter as well as three other exclusive functions, tailor-made for the automobile universe.

First of these is the ‘Chrono Rally’ setting, that can record up to 30 rally stages including date of departure, starting time and the duration of each stage. It also features intermediate times for each stage and automatically adds any penalties incurred. Then there’s ‘Chrono Race’ mode, created for track races. In this mode the wearer can track races, record the split times in each lap and calculate the average lap speed.

The third function is ‘Regular Rally’, which enables the wearer to pre-define target times from the total, and then check whether these goals are being achieved at the press of a button.


In addition, Breitling has had a specially designed app created so that watch owners can store and transmit all of the data recorded via a smartphone connection. When the chronograph is connected, two LCD screens with a special backlighting system can be activated by pressing the watch’s crown or by simply tilting the owner’s wrist. This is a welcome addition, especially in the heat of the action.

With its extremely sporty look, sturdy case and carbon fiber dial, the limited edition Breitling is a force to be reckoned with.


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