New masterpiece from Bulgari

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Luxury Italian jewellers Bulgari have just released a new addition to their collection of Serpenti watches – and this one is quite unique. Baroque Access finds out all the details


Italian watchmakers Bulgari, who are famous for their Haute Joaillerie (finest jewellery) style, have released a new addition to their legendary collection of Serpenti watches, the Serpenti Misteriosi. This is a stunning one-of-a-kind white gold and quartz driven secret bangle-watch in the shape of a double-headed serpent.


Celebrating the serpent in all its glory, Bulgari’s Serpenti Misteriosi’s two snake heads are quite different from each other. The one features a gemstone flower created from a central, round-faceted emerald that is more than two carats. It’s encircled by nine exquisite marquise-cut diamonds. Both of the heads feature a set of identical pear-shaped emerald eyes. One of the snake jaws reveals the ‘secret’ watch dial, which is quite magnificent, set with 82 brilliant-cut diamonds. Both heads feature designs created from diamonds and emeralds.


The 18-karat white gold bracelet of the watch is also festooned with diamonds – 555, all brilliant-cut gems. The watch’s hour and minute functions are powered by a Bulgari B033 quartz movement that has been customized by Bulgari and is adorned with the Bulgari logo.


The luxury Italian brand’s distinctive serpent symbol has become one of its signature styles. The latest iteration is the most beautiful and decorative of them all, based on the mythological snake, the ‘amphisbaena’, which has two heads, one at each end.

The other watches in Bulgari’s Serpenti collection have been around since the 1940s, and were made famous by screen goddess Elizabeth Taylor in the 1960s. All are made of white, yellow or rose gold (sometimes a combination of all three). This is the first watch in the collection to be festooned with jewels, and to have a hidden watch. The unique new masterpiece measures 40mm across. The original Serpenti timepieces all have manual-winding movements and enamel scales, whilst this one is in a league of its own.

We’re not sure why you would want to immerse this magnificent piece of jewellery in water, but you can, as the watch is water resistant to 30 meters.


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